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Trave Destination: New Zealand

New Zealand
is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two main landmasses (the North Island and the South Island), and numerous smaller islands, most notably Stewart Island/Rakiura and the Chatham Islands. The indigenous Māori language name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, commonly translated as The Land of the Long White Cloud. The Realm of New Zealand also includes the Cook Islands and Niue (self-governing but in free association); Tokelau; and the Ross Dependency (New Zealand's territorial claim in Antarctica).
New Zealand is notable for its geographic isolation: it is situated about 2,000 km (1250 miles) southeast of Australia across the Tasman Sea, and its closest neighbours to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. During its long isolation New Zealand developed a distinctive fauna dominated by birds, a number of which became extinct after the arrival of humans and the mammals they introduced.
The majority of New Zealand's population is of European descent; the indigenous Māori are the largest minority. Asians and non-Māori Polynesians are also significant minority groups, especially in urban areas. The most commonly spoken language is English.

Bay of Plenty
The Bay of Plenty region is on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, is a popular New Zealand holiday destination. Bay of Plenty has great beaches and harbours and an easy going lifestyle with a mild climate year-round. The region is renowned for its good food producing kiwifruit, avocados and citrus fruit, a thriving wine industry and abundance of fresh seafood.

The Bay of Plenty is part of the Pacific Coast Highway, a scenic touring route that traverses the east coast of the North Island.

The Bay of Plenty lies east of the Kaimai-Mamaku Ranges and south of the Coromandel peninsula. It's a place of beautiful harbours, long white surf beaches and an easy going lifestyle. Everything you need for a perfect holiday is here—sun, sand, sea and a myriad of great places to eat and shop.

The Pacific Coast Highway touring route brings travellers into the bay, and the city of Tauranga is often their first port of call. Located at the entrance to a beautiful natural harbour, Tauranga is a thriving commercial centre with a passion for good food, wine and stylish shopping with a nautical theme.
Two large marinas in Tauranga hold over a thousand yachts and launches, and there are numerous charter boat operators ready to take you out to the marlin waters offshore.

The green rolling landscapes of the Waikato region that lies to the south of Auckland form some of the most fertile land in New Zealand, yet this is one region in particular which holds more than just surface appeal. literally.

For Waikato also boasts an extensive labyrinth of underground caverns that formed millions of years ago and are now a major tourist attraction.

Hamilton is the region's main center and is also the country's fourth largest city located on the banks of the Waikato River, New Zealand's longest.

The town is famous for its themed gardens, and the local zoo, which has the largest free flight aviary in the Southern Hemisphere - an excellent chance to find out about New Zealand's distinctive native birds. The southern end of Hamilton's main street offers an excellent choice of restaurants, cafés and bars.

To the south of Hamilton, the small and pleasant town of Waitomo is the focal point of the region's subterranean wonders. A popular tourist stopover, the caves are easy to explore on a boat trip like no other, revealing a hidden world of glow-worms and wondrous limestone formations. This being New Zealand, there are of course the adventure options when it comes to exploring the caves, in the form of black water rafting- it's fun, it's fast and it's wet and abseiling. Above ground, the area around Waitomo is also popular for horse riding and bush walking.

Enjoying a spectacular location at the head of Port Nicholson harbour, vibrant Wellington is New Zealand's cosmopolitan capital. The great thing about Wellington is its compact size makes it perfect to explore on foot, yet it's a city that’s big on urban attitude.
Wellington is a picture perfect city set between a magnificent harbour and rolling green hills. It is also a compact city where funky shops, exciting galleries and great restaurants are within easy walking distance.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and it offers an unforgettable city experience in a natural setting. It is located between a beautiful harbour and rolling green hills. Wellington has excellent shopping, professional theatre and cafes and restaurants all close to untouched nature spots. Wellington is only two km wide so it can be explored easily on foot.

Te Papa, New Zealand's national museum is on the waterfront. Walk to Te Papa from a central city restaurant and stop at a local fashion store or an art gallery on the way.

Wellington is the arts and culture capital of New Zealand. Festivals and events are held here throughout the year. A highlight is the bi-annual New Zealand Festival - a month long arts festival. Wellington is for nature lovers as well as arts and culture enthusiasts.

The South Coast is one of Wellington's most beautiful places. Visit the New Zealand fur seal colony or just watch the waves.

Mountain bike through native bush at Makara Peak, or kayak out to Scorching Bay - the choice is yours.

Discover New Zealand's heritage in Wellington. The city is home to Parliament Buildings as well as many historic buildings and museums which tell the story of New Zealand.

Auckland, the 'City of Sails' is the main gateway city to New Zealand. Built on the remnants of 48 extinct volcanoes, it is home to more than one million people, making it the largest city in New Zealand as well as being the main commercial and financial centre.

With a larger boat-to-person ratio than anywhere else on earth, it is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts and every weekend the waters of the Hauraki Gulf come alive with a flotilla of colourful sails. The best way to experience the city is from the water, sailing around the attractive harbour or on a ferry cruise to one of the many stunning islands dotted about the Gulf.

Beyond the bustling downtown area, dominated by the southern hemisphere's tallest building, the Sky Tower, the city sprawls outwards, with low-slung buildings and wooden houses among leafy parks and walking tracks.

The suburbs wind their way around picturesque bays and harbours and between volcanic hills that provide panoramic views over the city and mountains, encompassing numerous green urban parklands that are dotted with sheep.
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Travel Destination: United Kingdom - England

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, a mix of history, architecture and culture has created an amazing and constantly evolving city.
London today is one of the world's most important business, financial and cultural centres, and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the most major global cities in the a major tourist destination and one of the world’s most remarkable and exciting cities, with iconic landmarks including the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye amongst its many attractions, along with famous institutions such as the British Museum and the National Gallery. It has something to offer every type of traveler. 

St. Albans

St Albans is an English cathedral city, located to the north of London, in the county of Hertfordshire. St. Albans started life as the Catuvellauni settlement of Verlamio, renamed and developed by the Romans as Verulamium. Ruins of portions of the Roman wall, the theater and a hypocaust can be visited today. The Cathedral, originally founded as the Abbey Church of the monastery on the site, is built partially of stones taken from the old Roman town.

Bletchley is a constituent town of Milton Keynes, England. It is part of the Borough of Milton Keynes unitary authority, in the ceremonial county of Buckinghamshire. It is situated in the south-west of Milton Keynes but still retains a distinctive identity. Bletchley is split between the civil parishes of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford and West Bletchley.
Bletchley is best known for Bletchley Park, the headquarters of Britain's World War II codebreaking organisation, now a museum.

Britain's second city in the West Midlands. Birmingham was at the heart of the UK's industrial revolution, and its wealth was built upon the multitude of trades that were spawned. This led to a massive canal network, with more miles of canals than Venice (though they're very different types of canal).
Much of the city center was destroyed during the Second World War, and the replacement buildings added little to the city. However, since the 1990s, Birmingham has been undergoing a radical change and many of the post war buildings have been replaced. The majority of the city center is now pedestrianized, and the canals cleaned up to make for attractive walkways. Locals credit the City Council for the recent transformation, as the city retains its industrial heritage while now appearing modern and forward looking.

Manchester is in the north west of England. The city proper has a population of around 450,000, while the larger conurbation, called Greater Manchester, has over 2,500,000 inhabitants.
Manchester is known by some for its influence on the histories of industry and music, and for its sporting connections. It has a large number of students. It is seen by many as the "capital" of the north of England, the second city of the United Kingdom and is home to the UK's largest airport outside London, which is owned by the ten local authorities of Greater Manchester.
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Travel Destination : Japan

The "Land of the Rising Sun" is a country where the past meets the future. Japanese culture stretches back millennia, yet has also adopted (and created) the latest modern fashions and trends. 

If you are interested in going for a budget travel to Japan  and want some guidelines for helping you to do the same, then you are in the right track. Your tour to Japan can be costly as the living expenses of Japan are high. In Japan you can find food, accommodations, transportation all in a high price. For a traveler on the budget travel, Japan like you, some tips or suggestion on traveling cheap in Japan are given below: 

  • In recent years, just because of increasing competition from among discount airlines, domestic flight fares in Japan have deteriorated spectacularly. The domestic flights have become a cost-effective one. It is the many discount offers, provided by varied airlines, have made domestic air travel in Japan more striking. For further guidance you can contact a Japanese travel agency or Japanese airline company near you. Apart from flights, in your budget travel to Japan , long distance bus and the shinkansen bullet train can also be the cheap means of transportation. If you are planning to travel throughout Japan in a lowest cost then using the Japan railway pass is a good option for you

  • If you want to save some money on your accommodation of budget travel in Japan , following list of some cheap hotels in Japan might be useful to you. In these cheap hotels of Japan, you can find the guest rooms in small size. If you don't mind staying in a small room hotel then you should go through the following list of cheap hotels in Japan.
          o Chisun Inn Umeda Hotel Osaka,
          o Japan Washington Hotel Nagasaki, Japan,
          o Amanohashidate Miyazu Royal Hotel Miyazu, Japan.
  • In your budget travel in Japan to save money on shopping you should go to Flea market. Find out the inexpensive flea markets near your destinations in Japan. Other cheap shopping option in Japan is the 100 yen Shop. If you need any household items, souvenir items then visit a 100 yen shop near you. In your budget travel to Japan you can find lots of 100 yen shops around Japan.
  • In your budget travel you can have a lot of cheap eating out options in Japan . Few names of cheap Japanese restaurants are mentioned below:
         * Kaiten-zushi Restaurant
         * Izakaya- Izakaya
         * Yoshinoya
         * Mcdonald.

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Travel Destination: Australia

Sydney - Blue Mountains Travel Guide
When was the last time you explored the Blue Mountains; sampled an award winning restaurant; taken a rejuvenating beauty treatment in an intimate health spa; gaze out at a majestic landscape of waterfalls, rainforest and awe inspiring cliffs? Spring is a magnificent time to explore the Blue Mountains. Take to the trails on the back of a mountain bike. Learn to abseil or rock climb with an experienced guide or take a yoga or meditation course in the beautiful mountain setting. Discover the Blue Mountains You Dont Know. Located less than two hour's drive from Sydney.

Gold Coast - Queensland (Traveling Australia)
Mention the Gold Coast region and various images come to mind... stunning beaches, exciting theme parks, sun-kissed locals, sophisticated style, the list goes on. The Gold Coast truly offers something for everyone. It’s a holiday destination of wonderful contrasts. From the sophistication of Main Beach, the glamour of Surfers Paradise, to the quiet beachside towns and World Heritage listed rainforests of the hinterland...the Gold Coast is teeming with choice. Add this to the non-stop energy of the theme parks and a 70 km coastline with more than 40 patrolled beaches...

Apollo Bay - Victoria (Travel Tips)
Located at the foothills of the Otways and in the heart of the Great Ocean Road region, Apollo Bay has been called "Paradise by the Sea". Discover the town's wide, crescent-shaped sandy swimming beach, backdrop of rolling green Otway hills, relaxed lifestyle, waterfalls, and national and state parks. Like many places along the Great Ocean Road, the beach is a focus for activity all year round. Swim in the clear water, sea kayak with local seals, indulge in some deep-sea fishing, learn to surf, or horse ride along the beach at sunset. Head to Mariners Lookout Road for panoramic views over the town and coast...

Phillip Island (Cheap Hotels)
Phillip Island is approximately 140 kilometres South East of Melbourne and is the home of the world famous Penguin Parade and the Australian MotoGP event.

Phillip Island has an array of activities, attractions and events that make the island the idea location to enjoy a few days on your well deserved holiday.

Phillip Island is an Australian island located about 140 km away from Melbourne, Victoria. Named after the first Governor of New South Wales, Arthur Phillip, Phillip Island forms a natural breakwater for the shallow waters of Western Port. The island area is approximately 10,000 hectares. It is 26 kilometres long and 9 kilometres at its widest. It has 97 km of coastline and is part of the Bass Coast Shire. A 640 metre concrete bridge connects the mainland town San Remo with the island town Newhaven.
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Travel Destination: India

India is a mystical land that presents the traveler with a bamboozling array of unforgettable experiences. Hinduism, the prominent religion, is intimately woven into the fabric of everyday life, reflected in an extraordinary range of time-honoured traditions. Apart from its ancient spiritual framework, India's vastness also challenges the imagination, being home to one sixth of the world's population.

Its intoxicatingly rich history can be traced back to at least 2500BC when the first known civilisation settled along the Indus River. There was an influx of Mughals in the 1520s from Central Asia, who maintained effective control of the north until the mid-18th century. At the end of that century, as the Mughal Empire declined, the British took control of the whole subcontinent, and India was administered by a single alien power.

The Indian National Congress was formed in 1885, but made little progress on independence until Mahatma Gandhi began the policy of non-violent non-cooperation with the British. But the Congress itself was later split on the issue of Hindus and Muslims. The Muslims, under Mohammad Ali Jinnah, claimed a separate homeland and in August 1947 the independent states of India and Pakistan came into being. Since this time, India has been a democratic republic.

Such a rich history has spawned an incredible number of exquisite palaces, temples and monuments. The most frequently visited part of India is the Golden Triangle, comprised of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Meanwhile, the people-packed cities of Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta) have a bustling, colourful charm, while the holy city of Varanasi and the awe-inspiring temples of Tamil Nadu are rewarding places of pilgrimage. For those in search of tropical bliss, there are the palm-fringed beaches of Goa and Kerala. And for fresh air and serenity, India ripples with pristine mountains and hills, from the towering beauty of the mighty Himalayas to a bevy of beautiful pine forests, orchards and babbling streams.

One of the greatest fascinations of India is the startling juxtaposition of old and new; centuries of history rubbing shoulders with the trappings of modern-day living, from slick Internet cafes and fancy fast-food eateries, to swanky bars and chichi boutiques.


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